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GrubHub Has Got Some Explaining To Do After This Man's Food Showed Up Late And Cold


Come on GrubHub, you have got to be better than this. This man was hungry and ordered food, the only service your company provides, and it still shows up 30 minutes late? Disgusting. Absolutely despicable service. I don't even want to think if he had a family with hungry children just waiting for their delivery, meanwhile the driver is taking his sweet ass time. Not a care in the god damn world. This is totally unacceptable and I fully expect Grubhub to issue an apology, a refund, and give them additional credit for their pain and suffering. Gotta imagine the food showed up cold too. And imagine if they had french fries in that order???? Shuddering just *thinking* about how soggy they showed up. Absolutely gross negligence all around. Be better, delivery driver. Shaking my damn head.