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I Hate To Say It But Riggs Is A Traitor And A Turncoat

HEATED show today. Probably the most heated the show has ever gotten. The reason being that Riggs Barstool has decided that, if Kevin Kisner is not selected to be on the Ryder Cup team this year, that he will root for Team Europe. A crazy thing to say and potentially do but his reasoning is that he's sick and tired of watching Team USA lose in the Ryder Cup. He wants change and he thinks this is what will do it. Fine. Whatever. If Riggs wants to stab this great country in the back and root for Team Europe, he can do that. It's the wrong thing to do and he's a turncoat if he does, but he can do it. I for one thought these colors don't run but I suppose I'm just a true American.

The reason the show got so heated was then he also said he would root for Team USA if Tiger Woods shows up at Whistling Straits that week. That's where Frankie and I lost it because it's clear that Riggs has painted himself in a corner and is now looking to hedge and find any way out. The guy knows he made a mistake and is now trying to come up with any reason to be allowed to root for Team USA, when he could've just rooted for Team USA because he's American. Being a fan means being there through thick and thin. Not throwing a fit and running to the other side when the going gets tough.