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SEX SCANDAL IN THE SEC: Ole Miss Softball Coach Is In Hot Water For Secretly Hooking Up With One Of Her Players


Running Poles - A Title IX investigation has been launched after allegations of assistant coach Katie Rietkovich Browder having an affair with a student-athlete came to light.

In a letter obtained by Running Poles that was sent to Athletic Director Keith Carter on July 29, accused head coach Jamie Trachsel of “covering up a sexual misconduct scandal involving two super seniors and a female assistant coach.”

Not too long ago this would be a much different blog but let's stick to some facts first. Katie Rietkovich Browder is an assistant coach at Ole Miss and she's in some deep shit for fooling around with one of the girls.

You could probably just stop there and that would be enough for the water cooler, but I assure you this gets better. 

Daily Mail - Assistant coach Katie Rietkovich Browder was allegedly romantically involved with a senior student-athlete on the team, who was dating another senior teammate at the time.

The alleged inappropriate relationship was discovered in July when the girlfriend found a text sent from Browder pointing to a relationship between her partner and their assistant coach.  

She then printed out screenshots of the text exchange and and taped them to the coach's computer in her office.

Finding anything out via text message sucks, much less that your girlfriend's going to the dildo factory with the outfield coach. That had to be a crushing reality although this is exactly why you don't read your old lady's texts. It never goes the other way. She's not talking positive shit behind your back. There's no pleasant surprises lurking in her inbox. Take the red pill and avoid that graveyard at all costs

Probably took an extra second to register too. You don't see it coming from the assistant coach. Another teammate maybe. Another athlete, sure. Or maybe some hot piece of Detla Gamma. That'd be nice. But the assistant coach? What a shocking revelation to read in plain text

What kind of a hitting drill is "Slap my clam you bad gir-" OH MY GOD

I was lucky enough to spend a college career not fucking my pitching coach. Call me old fashioned. Getting ground balls and showing up on time was enough of a challenge. And I'm certainly of the mindset that athletics are so much easier when you assume the coaches hate your guts. That's one of the most powerful motivators in the world. I don't care how sweet the juice is, I wouldn't trade that leverage for any box or hole. 

The head coach agreed: 

Daily Mail - Head coach, Jamie Trachsel, then allegedly became involved. The coaches reportedly convinced the students to stay quiet offering them 'scholarship money.'

The two softball players involved announced their decisions to return to school for their super senior year in early July.   

You couldn't find a more easily identifiable and traceable way to give out an impermissible benefit than formal scholarship money from an SEC school. Every instinct in this situation suggests you keep the hush money off the books. Maybe a used car from a local booster and some extra playing time. Maybe a cash envelope every other month and no offseason conditioning. Literally just about anything that doesn't involve you filing more paperwork with NCAA compliance. I'm no expert on cover ups but scholarship money probably goes undrafted on Dog Walk Mondays. 

In any event, there's a lot more shit to this story about the coach at Ole Miss. Things like retaliating against a player for making the Italian Olympic team and some other routine power bitch stuff. Maybe that's your jam. Personally I'd rather focus on the low hanging fruit. 


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