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IMG Academy Took All The Crazy News Of Bishop Sycamore ... And Decided To Kick Their Ass (Again)

I love that IMG Academy could have done the smart thing and laid low, let Bishop Sycamore and ESPN take all the heat, but nope. They had to go 3-0 against Bishop Sycamore. Just straight up mocking that they are grown ass men that lost 58-0. Personally? I love it. Sure, IMG Academy isn't a 'real' school but at least they go to school and are known for years. So do the smart thing and act like high school kids. Get on TikTok and talk shit. Everyone else is getting their jokes off, might as well sine you're the team that beat the hell out of Bishop Sycamore. I'll even give credit that they did it in Canton, where they beat Bishop Sycamore 58-0. They didn't wait to get back to Florida or anything. You don't like it? Fine. Bishop Sycamore and the group of 50 year olds should have won. 

Everyone is now canceling their games against Bishop Sycamore and we have the governor launching an investigation. That said, I can't believe how much content keeps coming out. Just yesterday we had the fact they bounced checks at the hotel in Canton. This is why I say it's the most absurd sports story that we'll see in a long, long time. When you factor in fake school, lying about recruits, firing their coach, coach might have arrest warrants, bounced checks and losing terribly? You can't make it up. It's also a week I'm fucking thrilled that we have Twitter. Every so often we get a topic that everyone on Twitter just jumps in together about. We had that with Bishop Sycamore. I'll always thank them for the jokes.