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Tennis Star And US Open Villain Stefanos Tsitsipas Took Another Ridiculously Long "Bathroom Break" Last Night And Got Booed By The Entire Crowd

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Never once has a someone going to the bathroom had more people up in arms than Stefanos Tsitsipas at the US Open this week. Andy Murray lost his mind earlier in the tournament, Zverev the same thing a week ago in Cincy, and now it happened again last night with Adrian Mannarino. 

It's become very clear the world number 3 Tsitsipas does not give one flying fuck what people think of this move. None. He sees that it's technically in the rules to go to the bathroom during a match and he exploits it by staying in there longer than anyone to ice his opponent. Every time without fail if he loses an important set and feels momentum is not on his side he will go the bathroom and stall out his opponent to his advantage. It's technically within the rules, but it's basically cheating. You go to the bathroom to do your thing and change your clothes it should take 3 minutes tops. Stefanos doesn't care and goes anywhere from 7-10. Some have suggested he receives illegal coaching in there from his dad via text, but there's no way to prove it without actually looking at their phones. 

Is it silly to be arguing about this? Yeah, but it's pissed off the rest of the current and former players and has become a big deal. You just can't do what he's been doing consistently. 

It's a douchey thing to continue exploiting plain and simple. When he pulled the move off yesterday the fans showered him with boos as he came back on court. 

After the match he tried to go back at the media and challenge them on the history of exploiting the rule. It backfired. 

That hilariously blew up in his face. It's like he saw it on social media somewhere as someone tried to defend him and thought yeah this will work, I'll show them. Idiot. Doesn't shock me consider this is the same dude who won't get the vaccine and believes all young people should get it build up immunity. That's a conversation for another time. 

It'll be fun as shit to see this story develop over the course of the tournament. Seems like he has no interest in stopping, 

He's got a tricky opponent tomorrow in Carlos Alcaraz who I expect to give him hell, if not win the match all together. I foresee a lengthy bathroom break coming with that match too. The fans certainly will be on the 18 year old underdog and I'm here for it. Give me all the drama.