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Newark Airport Now Newark Seaport After Ida Remnants Tear Through North Jersey

First off, I hate myself for that headline just as much as you do. Second, a PSA for coworkers thinking about taking the 1 Train tomorrow:

Third, not great:

Post-Tropical Cyclone Ida (the storm formerly known as hurricane) is howling across the Northeast and leaving even more destruction in its path. One of the more striking images as the worst of it cut through North Jersey this past hour is from Newark Airport where it appears the entire ground floor of one of the terminals is flooded. 

Flash flooding hit several counties, including my own, where several cars got stuck & the fire department even had to whip out their boat. (I suppose this is what I get for living in the meadowlands swamps area.)

On a more serious note, hoping everyone down in South Jersey is alright after Ida spawned tornadoes in crowded suburban areas, too. Wild seeing twisters heading for the bridge & past toll booths, and a horrible scene in Mullica Hill where at least dozens of homes were flattened.