Nick Castellanos Can't Stop Hitting Home Runs So The Cardinals Demanded His Bat Be Checked By The Umps

Nick Castellanos put on a show in the first two innings of the Cards - Reds game tonight, 2-2 with 2 bombs including a Grand Slam. That also means something terrible happened somewhere in the world and we all got to see the tweets with the HR notification next to one of the bad tweets. After the grand slam the Cards decided they had enough with Castellanos' shit and asked the umpires to take a look at the bat. May just be a way to fuck with Nick, try and get in his head a little but I'm not sure what that would really do to a guy like Castellanos. He's already a monster, why pour gas on the fire? You can see theres a little chip off the end of the bat, but is there a rule that says you can't use a bat like that? It's a natural break it looks like and like the announcers said he's been using it for a few days. It's not a George Brett pine tar situation or anything illegal, and you can hear the crowd booing the umps and the Cardinals for having them look at the bat. Check the bat all you want, you won't find anything illegal. Or make him use another bat, that's fine, he'll still hit bombs with the new one. Guy is a home run machine and can't stop bringing bad news to your twitter timeline.