Jerry Seinfeld Just Dropped A Hell Of A Hype Video For Seinfeld's Move To Netflix

JERRY! HYPE ME UP MY GUY! This was fucking fantastic to see as we've all been massively deprived of the show about nothing since its disappointing departure from Hulu quite some time ago. A lot of folks including myself need to live in a world where we have Seinfeld readily available during all hours of the day and night. I CANNOT live in a time where there's shows called Fuckboy Island and, frankly, the Walking Dead readily available to watch whenever while I gotta watch Seinfeld on normal television with commercials like a schmuck on wheels! 

I love the way they set up this literal hype video as it's some sort of a show that not a lot people have seen before because when you think about it I kind've think that it is? I can confirm a BUNCH of people my age (25) haven't seen it and I'm sure way, way, way younger than me sure have not as well. If you're in high school in the year 2021 you sure aren't watching Seinfeld...although you should be! So while I doubt Seinfeld will have that sort of renaissance that Friends had due to Netflix I'm sure it'll damn near close be close. 


And how about this awesome tweet from Jerry to kick it off?

If picturing a young LD & young Jerry cooking up the idea to motherfucking SEINFELD at a random diner on 9th Ave in Manhattan in 1988 doesn't give you goosebumps than I don't know what will! Also shoutout to Ted Sarandos working at Blockbuster as a 24-year-old in Phoenix. That's just a man right there that has loved movies and television from the jump.