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At Long Last The Federal Trade Commission Is Finally Working On Why McFlurry Machines Always Break

TMZ- We've all been there ... pulling up to McDonald's for a McFlurry late at night only to discover the machine is broken -- AGAIN. Enter the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC is looking into the case of those pesky machines, and why they constantly go down.

The problem has been the butt of late-night jokes. Wendy's and Jack in the Box have even targeted Mickey Dees on social media. The problem's been so persistent ... there's a website dubbed McBroken ... which tracks ice cream machine outages across the country.

The problem? McDonald's ice cream machines are overly complicated to operate and incredibly difficult to clean ... often making them susceptible to breaking down. According to the Wall Street Journal ... the machines require a nightly automated heat-cleaning cycle that can last up to 4 hours to get rid of the bacteria.

Finally! Fin-a-fucking-ly! We are official bringing in the big guns to figure out why the McFlurry machines are always broken and by the big guns I mean the literal Federal Trade Commission. Like the actual government agencies is stepping up. To help McFlurries. I fucking love it! The McFlurry is a staple of American cuisine so when there's a big problem going on like this it's about time government agencies get all up in there. Next up I'm gonna need the FBI to investigate why McDonald's also has not broke back the chicken selects since the beginning of the pandemic. Those bastards went to a more "simple" menu and just have never brought them back. Fucking sucks. I miss McDonald's tendies because they truly were as underrated as a tendie can get. I'll miss them.

ANYWAYS back to the task at hand with these McFlurries. Much like the TMZ article above states it's always a horrible occurence when you stroll up to the late night drive-thru with that glorious mix of ice cream and oreo on your mind only to be told the goddamn machine is not working. We all know that McFlurry craving really just hits different. I'd actually say the only bigger craving their menu has to offer is of course that heralded fountain soda. When you have that distinct want for a fountain coke (or diet coke in my instance since the fats oddly all love diet coke) and are told their out of that soda...oh my that's a week ruiner!

So hopefully the FTC can get this problem solved and until the end of time when McFlurries are wanted...McFlurries will be provided.