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Walking Outside This Morning Was Pure Bliss Because Football Air Is Back

I took my Happy Boy out this morning like I do every morning, but today was different. Instead of opening up the front door to be greeted by an already sweltering heat at no later than 8 a.m. to which I would wonder how much I'm going to sweat that day, I opened the door to a crisp, fresh breeze and comfort. I was greeted by fall. I was greeted by football air. 

Football air is the air you always want to be in. Warm enough to not need a jacket, but cool enough with a slight draft that makes you never break a sweat. Football air is the air you can stand in a tailgate field with a drink in your hand for hours on end without having to go inside to "cool off" or "warm up a bit". Football air is the air you look around and subconsciously "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong plays in your head because you think to yourself "it doesn't get much better than this". Football air is perfect. 

I walked outside and instantly felt like I was needed to grab myself a refreshing cup of warm coffee to go stand on the sideline of my little nephew's Saturday CYO football game while comfortably wearing a worn down crewneck because of the brisk weather before meeting up with the boys to down 12 cold ones while never taking our eyes off of five different TVs with the only time being that weird 5:30-7 window between afternoon and night games to go get more supplies. 

Football air is going outside and directly breathing in serotonin for mostly males aged 19-45. So don't sleep in. Get up early, go for a coffee run, an early beer run, take the dog out, and once you do, stop, take a deep breath in and enjoy that football air. It has finally returned.