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Jimmy Butler's Agent Had The Audacity To Tell Him To Stop Cussing On Instagram ... It Went About As Expected

Bernard Lee had to expect this right? He knows Jimmy, he's even defended him against Shams. He had to know when he told Jimmy to stop cussing on Instagram he was getting hit with a motherfuckers on the next story. I still don't get why people make such a big deal about swear words. Yeah, yeah, kids might be following Jimmy Butler on Instagram. That's a parent problem, not a Jimmy problem. Any time I see people complaining about swear words I just think of Old School. 

Jimmy Butler has turned everything around in Miami. He became an All-Star, made a Finals and is now viewed as a star. He also loves fucking around with people. He does it with Tyler Herro on Instagram, he's going to do it with his agent, he'll do it with anyone. It's honestly hilarious how laid back he seems off the court and a borderline psycho on it. It's part of why I love watching him. This video might just sum Jimmy up perfectly. Only thing missing was him then going on the court and just going balls to the wall for like an hour. Never change, Jimmy. Never change.