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The First Step On The Road To Becoming A Witch - Learning The Tarot Card Deck

I am an on record, BIG Witch supporter. My first full-time blog on the site was about Witchtok:

After 8 months of waiting in the wings, I've decided: It's time to get involved. I want to educate myself for real, I want to become a witch.*

As far as I can tell, the first step on my Witch Journey has to be to learn the meaning behind the cards in the Tarot deck. What's the Tarot deck?

It's a 78-card deck, that fortune tellers (and Witchtok) have adapted from Gypsies as a way to predict the future. I've discovered it's not really "predicting the future," it's more "anticipating behaviors while on life's journey." They won't tell you "you're going to win 10,000 dollars!" but it will tell you "you're on fire right now, but tread carefully, or else you're going to make a fool out of yourself." From what I've learned so far, they're pretty complex. Here's a video of someone doing an actual reading:

Easy enough, right? SO - I'm learning the deck and have decided to invite everyone to learn it with me. I got a basic deck from Amazon, it came with a booklet explaining each card, and I'm going to make a video for them all. 78 cards. The first video is above, and here's the second:

What will happen by the end of this? Who knows. I won't be a full Witch (probably) but if anything, I'll be able to have a fun party trick to pull out late night, and so will you. I'm committed to this life now. 

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*am I already a witch, and this is all just for clicks? I'll never tell.