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Weirdest Dude In The World Who Married (And Divorced) A Sex Doll Has Moved On .... Now Dating An Ash Tray

This fucking guy Yuri man. I can't stop reading about him and every time I have the same reaction. Weirdest fucking dude in the world. Not even close. This is the guy who once married a sex doll. 

He's since divorced Margo the sex doll and has moved on. He's now dating an ash tray that he met at the club. Have some dignity for me one time and don't fall in love at the club, Yuri. (h/t Post)

Yuri Tolochko — who infamously married his specially designed sex doll Margo last November in a “wedding ceremony” attended by dozens of guests — has found a new love match: a giant ashtray he wants to adorn with an artificial vagina.

Although the proudly bald social media star from Kazakhstan noticed the ashtray a while ago, he claimed it was only when he arranged a photo shoot with the butt receptacle — during a paid personal appearance at the venue — that he discovered he had feelings for it.

You can't go around and put an artificial vagina on an ash tray. There are rules to society and this guy is breaking every single one of them. At least the sex doll already had an artificial vagina. Just stick it out with Margo, even if you broke her and then cheated on her. He couldn't even last a month without cheating! That's without arguments. That's without her nagging about him watching too much football. That's without her cooking the wrong meal. Everything was going swimmingly before she broke and had to be repaired. Must have been a wild ass honeymoon for her to break that quickly.

I still can't believe I wrote that headline. That's blogging life, I guess. You wake up with Bishop Sycamore stories and by lunch time you're writing about a guy dating an ash tray. I need to know way more about Yuri. I need to know how you find out you're attracted to an ash tray. Not even that, ash tray has to be so low on the list of random objects to be attracted to. If you're looking for something like that a mailbox is way better. Just stop being weird, man.