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Everyone Needs To Shut The Hell Up About Nebraska Firing Scott Frost So They Can Try To Hire Mark Stoops

[HL] - “Go hire Mark Stoops,” Thamel said. “ ... He’s been about as good as Kentucky as you can be. And, look, they (Nebraska) just need to get back to baseline functional. If Mark Stoops has showed anything, it’s that he can get a perpetually awful program to baseline functional.”

Alright, I need everyone to shut the hell up. We're a couple days away from game 1 of the year. I can't listen to Mark Stoops to Nebraska before the season even starts. First off, why would he leave for Nebraska? This isn't the 1990s. Eric Crouch isn't there. Tommy Frazier isn't there. Nebraska isn't a good program anymore. Kentucky can pay Mark Stoops. Kentucky can give Mark Stoops a job for life. It's no secret that you don't have to win a national title in order to be successful as Kentucky's football coach. What Stoops is doing is perfect. The goal is to compete, consistently win like 8 games a year and every once in a while have a shot to win the SEC East like a couple years ago when we had Georgia at home for it. Plus, it's not like Stoops has ties to Nebraska. His only tie is he's friends with Bo Pelini who they fired despite consistently winning 9 games. 

The fact is Mark Stoops is now Kentucky football. That's not hyperbole, he's been that successful. He's recruiting at an unbelievable level for Kentucky. He's winning games and bowl games. He's turned Kentucky into a top-25 program and has been more successful than South Carolina, Missouri and even Tennessee lately. Everyone can get their jokes off about Kentucky football, but it's different these days. They aren't Alabama or Georgia or Florida or LSU. But they are successful for Kentucky. 

So everyone shut the hell up. Let Nebraska brag about their sellout record. Let the message boards run with all different coaches they should hire. We gotta worry about Louisiana Monroe this Saturday. Mark Stoops is Kentucky football.