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SUPER Cringeworthy Video Of Some Kid Sneaking Backstage At Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse And Begging Logan Paul For A Job

Good lord. I don't want to want to put this kid on blast, but the lack of self awareness is astonishing. It's almost as if he had created this storyline of how things were going to go in his head then when they didn't work out had a mental breakdown. I honestly feel bad for him. Logan gave some great advice too- work hard. It really is that simple. Don't sneak backstage at a boxing match and tell someone you've never met before that you quit your job so you can work for them. It's creepy and delusional. Life's not a movie. At the risk of sounding like $20 Chef, "you've gotta earn it." Or at the very least start doing what you say you want to do. Make the videos, start the YouTube channel, put yourself out there. 

To make matters worse he cut a video of himself crying INTO the TikTok of him and Logan...

He also said he makes $100,000 per year at age 22. Not too bad for Cleveland. Regardless, he seems to have turned the corner and is making TikToks poking fun at himself…

The entire situation is as cringeworthy as it gets. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.