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Nebraska Football Puts Out A Video Featuring Their Former Navy Seal Walk-On Linebacker That Will Send Chills To Your Bones

No. 21 walking through the streets proudly carrying the American Flag is former Navy Seal, Damien Jackson who has walked on to Nebraska football and become a 3x academic All-American. 

I can only speak for myself, of course, but I needed a little star-spangled feel good dust sprinkled on the internet this morning. It's been nothing but negativity, shame, and criticism in this country for the better part of like 5 years now. This video was a reminder of who and what makes this place special. A place where people from around the globe would risk everything they have to come to. It's an amazing country that we are beyond blessed to be born into. Government policy and the media seem to always miss, but the people are ideals are still great. We should still talk about those things, too. We need to find a better balance between criticism and gratitude as a country. And if waking up on a beautiful September morning with images of Americana, football, and sacrifice gets me a little emotional and patriotic then so be it. I love it here and I want everyone else to love it too.