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The Guy Who Was Convicted Of Murdering RFK Is Getting Paroled Because It Was CLEARLY A Conspiracy

If you managed to see this headline last week buried under the pages of rubble from Kabul you probably had a reaction similar to mine which was...

And then you probably moved on because that is what a normal, level-headed adult would do when they heard about a guy with a strange name getting paroled after being in prison for 50 years. Me…I am not that guy. I am not the normal, level-headed adult. I did a deep dive and I am STUNNED that this assassination isn't talked about like every single fucking day because I think it is the most obvious assassination conspiracy of all time. JFK's assassination got dissected frame by frame. There has been countless documentaries on every platform from every corner of the globe. Hell it got a feature length film by Oliver Stone with Kevin Costner. The Warren Commission even decided to explain it away with a "magic bullet" theory that defies the laws of physics. He was the President, but you'd think that if that President's brother who was on the verge of becoming President himself got murdered not even years later someone would think to look into the case, but…that didn't happen. My mind is BLOWN. His defense team didn't even really present evidence in Sirhan Sirhan's favor. They just tried to plea his way out of the electric chair. 


13 shots were fired…who cares if Sirhan Sirhan's gun could only hold 8 shots and he was tackled while shooting so he couldn't reload? Who cares that NONE of the bullets recovered from the scene matched his gun? Who cares if those two facts PROVE that there was a second shooter? Let's just not look into it AT ALL for 50 fucking years. Who cares if the security team was hand picked by the CIA. Who cares? Just random details that don't matter so long as nobody investigates.

Did we investigate? Well, no, but we read about the investigations other, smarter people did and we broke it down for you on Dogwalk today