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AWESOME NEWS!!! Lance Lynn To The IL

And when I say awesome news, I mean awesome news. Like this is actually a good thing, assuming this is the same sort of phantom IL stint that Rodon just had, and is nothing more than a means to get Lynn rest prior to the playoffs. He prolly needs that as he just got touched up by the Cubs for his first actually bad start of the year this past weekend. He's labored a bit in his last few starts, so give the big bastard a couple of weeks off and get him healthy for when it matters.

The division is over:

And once again, the priority is keeping these guys as healthy as possible for October. If he's in peak form for October, which will hopefully be a product of this trip to the IL, then the White Sox will be tough to beat. Simple as that. Giolito looks awesome right now, Los is back, and Cease has turned into a goddamn stud in his own right. I am more than confident in those 4 starters for the last month of the season.

The bad byproduct of this IL stint is that the big bastard is probably out of the running for the Cy Young, along with Los. You can go ahead and give that accolade to Robbie Ray who's been on fire. Fuck Gerrit Cole and fuck the Yankees. 

Sox got a quick 2 game set with the Buccs this week. There is zero excuse to lose to them. Gio should dominate, the sox offense should piss on the ball, and the White Sox should be 78 and 56 come Thursday. Simple as that. Come September 20th or so, everyone should be back and the White Sox will have a full tank. Then it's pray for the league. Let's ride.

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Not sayin', just sayin'….