BREAKING: Connor Murphy Has Signed A 4 Year Deal To Stay In Chicago

A modest bump in salary for a modest guy. I really like this deal. Connor Murphy has really developed into a nice player for the Blackhawks. He's exactly what he is and doesn't try to be anything else. He's a tough kid. Takes punishment to make plays. Long reach, physical, good brain, good guy, leader. He is a perfect culture guy and a very solid 2nd pair type guy. I am glad he's here for the duration of his prime years and I hope that the team gets turned around and he gets to experience a playoff atmosphere in the United Center because Murphy deserves that. He's a guy who plays the right way. He's competitive. 

The Blackhawks finally, and realistically, have a defense corps going forward

Seth Jones is 26

Connor Murphy is 28

Jake McCabe is 27

Riley Stillman is 23

Caleb Jones is 24

Ian Mitchell is 22

Cal de Haan is 30 and is a great compliment to that group who can play anywhere in the lineup. All of those guys are competitors. They're accountable. If the Blackhawks are trying to make one more real run with Toews and Kane, then this blueline is a good place to start. If Mitchell or one of the other young guys truly develops into a reliable top 4 guy then the Hawks are in a great spot. 

Congrats to Murphy. He earned this deal. I would bet that he could've gotten more on the open market next summer, but clearly wanted to be here and now he is.