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Apparently Cam Newton's Best Fit Is Pittsburgh Because Him & Big Ben Are Both 6'5 240

This was sent only five minutes after the news broke about the Pats cutting Cam. 

I hate how lazy it is for people to say Big Ben and Cam have "similar playing styles". Do you watch the games or just look at their roster measurements? Sure, maybe similar bodies in terms of both of them being about 6'6 and anywhere from the 225 (Cam) to 245 (Big Ben) range. But that's it. Literally they have no playing comparisons beyond that. Big Ben is accurate. Cam is not. Cam is mobile. Big Ben is not. The Patriots offense last season for the first half of the year looked like something out of an Army-Navy game. "Bully Ball" is what my Masshole coworkers called it. Line 'em up, give the biggest most athletic dude the rock, and let him run it. Meanwhile in Pittsburgh we had weekly debates about why the quarterback sneak isn't a part of the Steelers offense. 

The only time Big Ben's playing style was even remotely similar to Cam's was maybe his first three years in the league. Yeah he's always kept plays alive, but Big Ben was never taking it 40 yards to the house on a read option. I'd argue now their playing styles couldn't be more different. 

So stuff that connection in the dumpster. Mason Rudolph's playing style is way more similar to Big Ben's of 2021. Mason Rudolph has been and will continue to be the backup QB for the Steelers because Mason Rudolph is backup QBs. Hat on frontwards, holding clipboard, doing a ton of pre practice and game weird warmups all for nothing, then just looking incredibly "meh" whenever he does get in the game.