Teddy Swims Is Going To Be A MEGA Star In The Music Industry

We By now (I hope) you know that I got a little music project I've been working on. We're still in the process of actually legitimizing it, but along the way, we've had some pretty big fucking names come on the show. Chris Shifflet of the Foo Fighters. Cory Wong. Doug Ellin to talk about Entourage's soundtrack and how he scored the show. Neon Trees. Anti Flag. X Ambassadors. Chad Stokes from Dispatch. 

Yada fucking yada. We've hustled around and landed some big time guests for being a start up show. 

And this week, we had Teddy Swims on the show. 

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With all due respect to all of our past guests, I truly think he's going to be THE biggest name in due time. I'm talking a mega, MEGA star on like a… Chris Stapleton level. I know it's unfair to put these kind of expectations on anyone, but he's got "Hall of Fame" level talent, to put it into sports terms. Dude is just incredibly, incredibly gifted.

But the best part of the interview was the story I linked via our YouTube channel at the top of this blog. Here it is in short form for twitter:

Dude asked his boys for 6 months (!!!) and that he'd have them on payroll, and he fucking did it!!! How incredible is that? 6 months might as well be 6 seconds. That's just an unbelievable story. Wish I could do the same for all my deadbeat friends from HS  

He's only been around the block for a couple years and one of those years was 2020 where he couldn't tour. If you look at his bio, he started his journey in 2018. In 2021? Yeah, he's touring with Zac Brown, on Colbert, and has 2,000,000 subscribers on YouTube. Dude is getting shit DONE. 

In 6 months from now, don't be shocked if he's jamming out with Chris Stapleton and JT and shit at the Grammy's. That's how big this dude is gonna be. MEGA star. 

Listen for yourself:

And his new single is a work of art:

And after you listen to that, check out our full interview with him. We also go into a full on breakdown of Kanye's "Donda" release. I like to say that I have a GED in music compared to Colin, Kenny and Dante. Those guys have doctorates from MIT in music. They break down Donda from a musician's perspective that will make EVERY ONE appreciate how great the album is. It's like listening to Bill Bellichick break down a defense. I promise that whatever opinion you had on Donda prior to listening to this podcast… it will change. They explain the musical process better than anyone. Super educational.

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I say this with ZERO EMBELLISHMENT. This specific episode of On The Guest List with Teddy Swims and our Donda breakdown is the most proud I've ever been of a podcast I've put out. Not necessarily in terms of how funny it was, but how educational it is for the non-musician and for how great Teddy's backstory is. 

Oh and PS - Teddy is a big Stoolie and we're gonna be kicking around a few video ideas with him for the future. Hopefully he's not too big time for us by the time we start. Ha!