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We Got Ourselves A Good Old Fashioned Brawl In The Stands That Stopped An English Soccer Match

When you close your eyes and think about English soccer you probably think of the glitz and glamor of the Premier League. The bright lights, the big names, the money. Sure, you're not wrong there. But this is also what should pop in there pretty fast. Apparently this is the North West Football Counties League, which is an incredibly low tier league in English soccer, but they still have hooligans. This match was off the rails to start. 

h/t The Sun

Images from the ground showed yellow smoke bombs being let off shortly before kick off this afternoon - an early indicator of the trouble which played out. Footage showed the players trying to calm the crowd following Congleton's 1-0 loss to their local rivals.

One spectator said: "At first supporters were just throwing cans, and there were smoke bombs about 20 minutes before kick off.

"Then they all just kind of rushed each other."

I just can't imagine getting into a full on brawl over sports. Argue on Twitter? Absolutely. Write a blog to piss fans off? No doubt about it. But to get punches thrown at my head over sports? No thank you. Not for me. That's why I'd never make it as a soccer hooligan. I can't just start a fight at the start of the match in this sort of league. Do you know how much you have to fucking love the sport to go nuts for this? It's like fighting over the Cape Cod League or something. 

Oh and how about Robbie Savage being the one out here breaking up the fight? Dude played for Leicester City and the Wales national team and now he's trying to break up drunk people fighting. Pretty effective tactic though of the half sprint and yelling. That's a top tier dad move when your kids are acting up. 

Just stop fucking fighting people.