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Hurricane Ida Victims Video Bombing Weather Channel Reports with Cartwheels is Proof Americans Still Got It

You don't have to have vivid memories of Hurricane Katrina in order to have your heart go out to New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast right now. A death toll that is expected to rise. Almost a million people without power. Widespread devastation. Levees at the breaking point. Pumps inoperable. Reports of residents stuck in alligator-infested waters.  No word at the moment as to when the flood waters will recede. It's gut wrenching. 

And yet, it's times like these that can bring out the best in us. As we speak, rescue crews and utility workers out braving the elements trying to restore normal life to the region. Crisis management personnel are in place to keep people safe and well fed. The "Cajun Navy" is reportedly mobilized, as they were back in 2005. And, in some cases, even single individuals are doing their part. Brave, stalwart Americans are sending the message that no natural disaster can keep them down. 

Because to some, when it's Jim Cantore Explaining Obscure Natural Phenomena in a Batting Helmet Weather, it's Video Bombing Szn. And for the guy behind him in that Weather Channel Tweet, that means standing around in a t-shirt and jeans like he's waiting for an Uber. 

But not content to stop there, for this intrepid hero, it's Cartwheel Time. 

And not to be outdone, another stalwart figure emerged to do one in a full backpack. 

So it's a thing, apparently. I suspect that in the days and weeks to come, we'll see more of such frolicking in the background of more live remotes and Weather Porn. In order to send a signal to the world that America is resilient. That we can handle the worst the planet can throw at us. And we will never, ever, stop being silly. God bless you, men. And God bless everyone fighting their way through this storm.