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The BEST Movies And Shows Coming To HBO Max In September

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Cry Macho - September 17th

This is a new neo western directed by and staring Clint Eastwood. Ex-rodeo star Mike Milo is hired by his former boss, Howard Polk, to kidnap his Mexican son Rafael and transport him to Texas. This is based off of a 1975 book of the same name which was very well received. I didn't love the last Eastwood movie, 'The Mule', but maybe this will be redemption for that snoozefest. Clint is still a warrior in the Hollywood world, pumping out movies at age 91. We interviewed Ryan Phillipe a while back and talked to him about Flags of Our Fathers, and he told us that Clint was hiking up mountains ahead of almost the entire crew! 

The Harry Potter Movies - September 1st

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People have varying opinions on what the best Harry Potter movie is, but that is what is nice about all of them dropping at once. You can just pick whichever ones you want a la carte and avoid the ones you don't like! Or watch them all. Don't let me tell you what to do.

The Goonies - September 1st

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The Goonies is one of my favorite coming of age movies ever made. Yes, just me. I'm the only one who has ever thought this. Go watch it for Chunk!

September 1st: Army of Darkness, The Benchwarmers, Cloverfield, Drinking Buddies, Event Horizon, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, The Goonies, ALL HARRY POTTER MOVIES, King Kong(Jackson one), Lady in the Water, Mr. Nobody, Oblivion, Rent, Transformers, Undisputed, Vanilla Sky, What Women Want

September 4th: News of the World

September 9th: Mad Max: Fury Road, Mortal Kombat(the new one)

September 12th: Scenes from a Marriage(New limited series)

September 15th: The Good The Bad and the Ugly

September 17th: Cry Macho(New Clint Eastwood Movie)

September 23rd: Doom Patrol Season 3 premiere


September 5th: The Suicide Squad

September 19th: Ford V. Ferrari

September 20th: Doctor Sleep

September 30th: American History X, Demolition Man, The Devil's Advocate, Dumb & Dumber,, Escape from New York, The Flintstones, The Graduate, Jerry Maguire, JFK, Labyrinth, Last Action Hero, Not Another Teen Movie, Observe and Report, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Pleasantville, Point Break, Primal Fear, Scary Movie, Scream, Slackers, Snakes on a Plane, Ted, Tin Cup, The Warriors