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Arch Manning Can Punt the SHIT Out of the Ball in Addition to Being the No. 1 QB in the Country

Everybody has seen Arch Manning throw the football at this point, despite the fact he won't step on a college campus for two more years. He's very good at it. But what you may not know is that in addition to being the No. 1 quarterback in the country in the 2023 class, he should be the top punter, as well.

Look at that booming kick. I went and found the kid who's supposed to be the top punter in 2023 and I'm supremely confident Arch would absolutely put him in a blender if he spent any time at all worrying about punting. Kicking is that guy's job, Arch just punts on the off chance a defense is good enough to prevent him from picking it apart en route to the end zone.

Although, I'm assuming Arch had to punt quite a few times on Friday, as his Newman Greenies fell 29-7 to the Ponchatoula Green Wave. I think they'll be just fine, though. They'll have the best quarterback and punter on the field in every game they play.