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There Is Way Too Much Fighting In The Bleachers Of Sox Park

This weekend, the White Sox played the Cubs at Sox Park. It's the bloodiest series of the year, for obvious reason, if you're from Chicagoland, but if you're not, here's how it typically goes for this series:

- White Sox fans do NOT like the Cubs. Typically, the Cubs are right up there with the Packers for teams we have an utter disdain for the most.

- Cubs fans don't typically give a shit about the White Sox. Sure, they LOVE pointing out the attendance issues the Sox have had for the last decade or so, but aside from that, the standard Cubs fan is pretty ignorant to what's going on with the Sox and they don't really give a shit about them. 

Call it a little brother Napoleon complex, call it whatever you want. I don't care and I fully recognize that in general, White Sox fans typically hate the Cubs more than Cubs fans hate the Sox, and it's typically by a lot. But none of that matters. The best part about sports is not just loving your team, but HATING other teams. This goes beyond that. The behavior is embarrassing at this point. 

We're lucky to have 2 teams in Chicago. That means in any normal dude's friend group, there's a good chance it's around a 50/50 split between Cubs fans and Sox fans and right now, the Cubs are grade A TRASH. Absolutely horrific, and their true diehards are in pain, all while White Sox fans are the exact opposite. We're living the high life right now and will be for a solid 5+ years. If I've said it once I've said it a million times; there is NOTHING that matches the pleasure of seeing people you're friends with completely miserable about their sports team(s). Nothing at all.

But let's leave it to simple ball busting, huh? Every fucking weekend recently I've gotten videos sent to me of trash bags in the bleachers throwing down. The people are usually complete lard asses (yes, I said people... a lot of women getting into brawls too) and it spirals into nacho helmets and beer getting chucked at people that have nothing to do with the fight. 

PSA to anyone who has taken place in a brawl in the bleachers this summer: you're RUINING THE FUN. That and you're giving Sox park and Sox fans a bad name and this is a stadium that's been on fire the entire summer. The coaching staff says so too:

But assholes getting in fights every weekend are gonna ruin the fun for everybody. We're in 2021. The year of the cancellation. Myself and a lot of other people have their season tickets in the LF bleachers and though they're the best place to watch a baseball game by FAR in Chicago right now, the constant brawls between fat dudes and chicks are gonna force the White Sox into clamping down and pull that rug out from under us. Nobody that has the ability to step into public without getting in a fist fight wants that. 

So take your fat asses out to the parking lot and brawl out there if you have to fight, or better yet, don't fight at all. You're too fat and out of shape to actually hurt somebody. You're not tough and nothing you can do in a fight will make it so people think you're tough. You're just pissing people off at this point, even if the weekly fights make for decent social clips. But still, get fucked and stop fighting in the bleachers you fat asses. I don't want it to get to a point where they stop selling booze out there or some shit. That would be awful and all because fat losers have to prove how tough they are. 

Cut the shit.