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The BEST Movies And Shows Coming To Netflix In September

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KATE- September 10th

This is a new action thriller starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson. An assassin, after learning that she has only 24 hours left to live after being poisoned, goes on a manhunt through the streets of Tokyo and befriends the young daughter of a past target. It seems like fun action, and it's produced by the brain of John Wick David Leitch. 

School of Rock - September 1st

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School of Rock is a classic that only gets better every time you watch it. Jack Black is insanely likeable and this movie entertains people of all ages. 

Jaws - September 16th

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Jaws is one of the greatest movies of all time. Full stop. On the last episode of LCB, we drafted horror movies and had a little conversation on whether or not Jaws counted as a horror movie. The water is a little murky there, but I think it should count as one.

September 1st: A Cinderella Story, Blade Runner, The Blue Lagoon, Clear and Present Danger, Cliffhanger, Do the Right Thing, The Interview, Labyrinth, Mars Attacks!, Marshall, Mystery Men, The Nutty Professor, School of Rock, Tears of the Sun 

September 10th: Kate 

September 15th: Saved by the Bell S1-S9

September 16th: Jaws

September 20th: Grown Ups


September 1st: Chinatown, Election, Hot Rod, Love Actually, Monsters vs Aliens, Nacho Libre, Pootie Tang, Road to Perdition, Shutter, Superbad, T2, The Big Lebowski, The Departed, The Manchurian Candidate, The Ring, The Social Network, the Terminal, 

September 4th: The Dawn Wall(Really good climbing doc)

September 7th: Midnight Special

September 15th: Scott Pilgrim vs the World