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Helen Mirren Aroooooooooga!!!!!!

Jacopo Raule. Getty Images.


P6 - Helen Mirren’s dress is truly fit for a queen.

The actress, 76, wore a ball gown on Sunday, arriving in style via water taxi at Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Show in Venice.

She looked regal in an elaborate gown featuring an embellished gold corset, sheer sleeves and a skirt printed with Renaissance paintings.


God damn Helen Mirren, putting the world on notice on a damn Monday! GMILF like you read about. I'd like to take her to Olive Garden and let her know that when she's with me it's not soup or salad, it's soup and salad. Yeah, I'll shell out the extra $6.99, no biggie. And I'll have her home no later than 7 so she can watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with her night time tea. Anything for my queen.

Jacopo Raule. Getty Images.


Royal. Noble. Majestic. Honka honka. It doesn't get any better than Madame Mirren. And the best thing about her being 76 years old? Next year she'll be 77. Aroooooooooga!