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PUSH PUSH: Max Verstappen Won The Belgian Grand Prix In The Most Bizarre Way Imaginable

Before we get into the semantics of the race, this is the first F1 race I’ve watched live, so technically any race ending could’ve been considered “the most bizarre I’ve seen.” I’m not the biggest Disney fan in the world, but a certain Princess told me if the shoes fits…

I just finished watching ‘Drive to Survive’ on Netflix, so I’m basically an F1 expert to say the least.  

Alright, so what actually happened this weekend and why was it so strange? This entire weekend, rain was pouring out of the skies in Belgium.

I’m no math-matician but rain + fast cars usually = chaos

Controlled chaos is good and fun, but at a certain point you have to think about driver safety. With cars going upwards of 200 MPH and slippery conditions, it’s very worrisome.

Exhibit A - conditions were so poor that Red Bull driver Sergio Perez couldn’t complete his warm-up


Exhibit B - no words needed.

In this type of rain, I can barely drive to Dunkin Donuts going 15 MPH. How these drivers have the courage to continue to push, push is beyond me.

Ultimately, conditions were so bad that after 2 safety laps, F1 decided to raise the red flag and call the drivers into the pit lane. Therefore, the race never really actually began, so whichever place you qualified for on Saturday, ultimately determined your final placement. 

Once it was determined that the race would be cancelled for player safety, the race order at the time of the stoppage determined your placement and players were awarded half points.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) took 1st

George Russell (Williams - Major upset and a phenomenal placing for the team) took 2nd

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) took 3rd


Since this was my first F1 race, I was hoping for more and an actual race, but you can’t always have it all. Can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s how the 2021 standings are shaping up:

Hopefully next F1 at the Dutch Grand Prix (September 5th), we get a little more push push.