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The High Ground Absolutely Never Wins In Fights Anymore

I feel like my whole life is a lie. All these years all I've heard about is the high ground always wins. First we had Suns in 4 guy dropping hammers from the low ground, and now this. Aaron Carter face was flexing and talking all sorts of smack from the higher ground. Never in a million years did he think he'd be getting promptly socked into last Wednesday. How he had his hands simultaneously up and down, I'll never understand. 

This video is 17 seconds long. He gets punched at the three second mark and stumbles for the remaining 14 seconds. Truly one of the all time one-hitters. He regains consciousness for a brief moment, attempts a punch, and quickly remembers he has no control over his limbs or general functionality before sitting back down. This black and blue tandem is not one to be trifled with - high ground, low ground, no ground, they're going to punch you into a different calendar year and not think twice about it.