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Fighter KO's Opponent With Flying Knee At Weigh In

Imagine you are about to do a faceoff for your next fight, you got your sick little felt bucket hat on, your looking cut, just took your shirt off. You look sick and you can't wait to be stunting on the cover of the fight promo with your cool fuckin hat. Strut up confident feeling super pumped than *BOOM*. 

Yeah, this dude just got his shit rocked with a flying knee before they even took the picture to promote the fight. Total bullshit move from the guy in the jeans to hit him with a flying knee. It is a lose, lose for everyone, now no one is going to get paid for the fight, the fight won't happen, and no one gets to see the guy stunting in a bucket hat. I mean maybe this is valid in Belarus where this happened and getting knocked out at the weigh-in is customary, but that was insane. The guy was so knocked he tried to fight one of the people working the event. I have been seeing so many faceoffs lately between Tik Tok fighters and Rough N Rowdy, and in my opinion, no one ends up looking good doing anything extracurricular at the weigh-in. Ben Askren slapping Jake Paul was kinda funny tho, Ben was messing around the whole time. 

These are almost funnier looking back now that we know Ben didn't really train and got hit hard one time went down then got up wobbling to get out of there. I can't really talk regarding bad fights but that was funny.

The guy who got kneed in the head took the exact same strategy at the walk-up as Jake did against Tyron, if I was tech savvier I would edit the two videos together to show Tyron flying knee him.