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Wooo Boy This Is A Bad, BAD Umpire Review In Oakland

Another day, another god awful call by an umpire with 0 help from replay. Ball is smoked to LeMahieu and he flips to third to attempt to double off Marte. Marte easily makes it back and in fact Odor never even toughed the bag. Ump is standing right there and STILL punches him out. Marte isn't sweating it though, Oakland takes it to review and we see the slow motion where it is super clear Marte is back on the bag way before Odor gets close to it. His knee eventually touches the bag but Marte has been camped out on the bag for 34 minutes by that point. Umpires upheld the out call and Bob Melvin the A's manager was not happy and it's easy to see why. 

How is stuff like this still happening? It's insane. Baseball is a fast game, so I get an umpire getting a call initially wrong, but how does this go to review and still get called wrong? He's safe by a mile, Odor doesn't come close to beating him to the bag. Why is this not like NBA where the refs provide an explanation to the booth and tv audience. I'd love to hear what was going on in that headset. What were they seeing in New York to stick with the original terrible "out" call. Umpires suck, plain and simple. Get stuff like this right, it's not hard.