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WATCH: This 30 Second Time-lapse Flight Is Mesmerizing To Watch

So I was doing my standard nightly routine of scrolling Tiktok aimlessly before bed when I came across this gem of a video. Now I've never seen a flight POV with this time-lapse or angle. So right off the bat, I was fascinated. 

If you asked a young MRags what he wanted to be when he was older, he would've said, "I wanna be a pilot!" I've always been intrigued by air travel and space overall, so for a while I really wanted to become a pilot. I clearly came very close, as now I play video games for a living. 

On top of that, I've flashed my abilities with the heli in Verdansk

If flying a real life plane is anything like Warzone, then sign me up! Something tells me that it's a little bit tougher...

According to Tiktok comments which are always 100% accurate, this flight is from Istanbul to Diyarbakir which is about 1,400 km or 2 hours of flight time. Basically flying from NY to South Carolina.

Notice how the plane turns several times in the air as well - am I the only one that thought that planes go in a straight line? These are some pretty drastic turns along the way. I'm also insanely jealous of the view the pilots have during their flight, except this one mountain came a little close for my liking…