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Gardner Minshew II Is Now A Philadelphia Eagle Because Why The Hell Not

QB FACTORY!!! Go Howie go! Bring in all the QB’s maybe one of them will stick this decade! 

Look, Nick Mullens stinks. Joe Flacco is OK for a short term backup. It's a fine trade for a rebuilding team who is just going to blow that 6th or 5th round pick, anyways. Might as well take a chance on a QB that has had success in the past and is still a wildly young buck. He'll come in as the long term backup, obviously, but we all know Jalen Hurts is going to have the slightest bit of struggles (or more likely just not be a franchise QB) and the Philly sports radio crowd to be ALL IN on Minshew Mania. It's not a matter of if in this town, but when. They'll be plenty of mustache rides come hell or high water.