Dominique Wilkins Throwing It Down At Age 61 Is One Of The Most Impressive Things I've Ever Seen

I'm sorry, is this even a question? Dunk or no dunk? Uhhhhh yeah Dominique, that's a dunk. There's a reason they call this man the Human Highlight Film and it's because even at age 61 he continues to give us just that. While part of me has to remind myself that this is the internet and you never know what you can believe, this doesn't look like some sort of doctored Tom Brady video or anything like that. This just looks like some dudes shooting around in a gym. I have to admit, I gasped when I watched that video. This wasn't a case of barely getting over the rim in what was mostly a quasi-dunk. Nope, that shit was clean as hell. At 61, it doesn't even make sense. How many former players do you think can pull off a dunk that clean, at that age? I bet you can count them on one hand and probably not even use all your fingers. I'm thinking it might just be MJ. I was able to find video of him dunking pretty cleanly at age 50, and that was in 2013

so I'd love for someone within the Hornets to tell MJ he can't dunk like Dominique can at his age and we can have another dunk off like it's the 1985 or 1988 dunk contest. While 58 isn't quite 61, you know if someone shows him that video and challenges him to respond that MJ won't be able to resist. 

It has to be such an awesome feeling for Dominique to know that he's still got it even after all this time away from the game. I mean, the dude retired in 1999. There are people reading this blog right now that weren't even alive in 1999. It also makes me feel like a giant piece of shit when thinking of my own athletic decline despite only being 34. I woke up the other day and my ankle hurt and I didn't even do anything remotely athletic. What's that shit about? Is that something that just happens as you get older? Maybe for some asshole blogger like me, but apparently not for Nique. He's still dunking like he did 35+ years ago. What a legend