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Fair or Foul: This Couple Sent Invoices to People Who Didn't Show Up to Their Wedding

There is a new frontier of wedding war being waged and it's bad news for anyone who would dare to RSVP and not show up. One couple decided that those who decided to skip their wedding would bear the cost, as it sent an invoice for $240 to cover the expenses.

One Twitter user found the wedding from which this controversy stems, and it turns out it was an $11,000 destination wedding in Jamaica which included 40 guests and any additional guests costing $120 per person.

I am truly conflicted here. As soon as I think I have my mind made up one way or the other, I go right back to the middle.

On one hand, if you actually RSVP to a wedding and everyone is under the assumption you are going to be there and things are paid for under those pretenses, you're an asshole to not show up and it's arguably reasonable to make those people pay for what they wasted. Conversely, however, sending an invoice for $240 to people that you obviously weren't very good friends with in the first place when that was, all things considered, an infinitesimal cost compared to the wedding overall seems pretty tacky.

I will also say that the, "You can reach out to us and let us know which method of payment works for you. Thank you!" line is a fairly big part of me not being on the newlyweds' side here. They're choosing to be vindictive and petty instead of just moving on with their lives.

It should be noted that Doug, the husband, claims he never actually sent the invoice. But he does seem incredibly amused that it has people riled up.

I don't know where I stand on this other than both parties seem like pretty big losers, in all honesty.