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First Look At Gameplay For The NEW Call of Duty Vanguard!

This gameplay looks smooth, I gotta give Vanguard some credit here. Reminds me significantly of CoD MW (2019) which had extremely smooth gameplay and amazing graphics. The gun action looks interesting here as well - for example look at JGod's clip above, the firing animation from the Tommy gun looks very bright and distracting especially with the red dot sight. I wonder if attachments will be able to reduce this flash to help you see your target better after shooting.

Now it's great the game looks good and all, but shoutout to JGod for actually answering the simple question, "How does the game feel?" Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how the game feels. I'm a huge performance > visuals guy. If a game looks great but plays like shit, I don't want it.

Regardless of Warzone being riddled with hackers, the actually gameplay and gunplay feels smooth, so this is a W.

Aside from the gameplay, the talk of the town has been Vanguard's new game mode "Champion Hill."

PlayStation users are able to load into the new Call of Duty Vanguard game mode called "Champion Hill." To me, it feels like a very mini battle royale mixed with gunfight. You have 12 lives and face one team at a time in different arenas for roughly one minute. After the minute is up, you rotate teams you facer thru a random queueing system. Ultimately, you and your teammate have to outlive every other team to win.

Teams of 2 are competing to see who is the last to remain. As of 2pm EST yesterday, PlayStation users are able to queue into the game and try the brand new game mode!

There are 4 "arenas" within Champion Hill.

I can't wait to try Vanguard and Champion Hill for myself! I'll be dropping a video with my thoughts on the gameplay, stay tuned!