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There's Apparently No Better Recruiter In The World Than Man U's 'Sexiest Fan' Who Hopped On Instagram To Try And Help Land Ronaldo

I know the NBA offseason tends to be the craziest with trades and big names moving. But, uh, this soccer transfer window we could very easily see Messi, Mbappe and Ronaldo all join new teams. That's insane. If you ask even the most casual soccer fan those are probably the 3 names that people know the most. Maybe Neymar gets in there or something. This whole Ronaldo saga though has been fascinating. Hell you can go back to May and see this report. 

Then it seemed like he was going to end up at Man City, not Manchester United. 

Love to see Man City missing out Kane and Ronaldo. Love it. But the real story here is Katrina Maria, dubbed Man U's sexiest fan. (h/t Sun)

Faroe Islands native Maria - dubbed as United's 'Sexiest Fan' by the Daily Star - took to social media to beg her hero to come back.

You see back in June she first started her recruiting process on Instagram trying to help land Jadon Sancho and Ronaldo to Man U. 

Well what do you know? 

And then today she doubled down. 

Fucking 2-for-2. Step aside Penny, Katrina out here landing a better 1-2 punch than Jalen Duren and Emoni Bates. 

I still can't believe Ronaldo is coming back to Manchester United. It's fitting I guess considering that's where he really started to blow up from 2003-09. Also insane this is what he looked like when he played there. 

John Peters. Getty Images.
John Peters. Getty Images.
Matthew Peters. Getty Images.

I'll never get over the frosted tips. The early-mid 2000s was truly an amazing time. Great music, great shows, AIM, MySpace top-8, being charged 10 cents for sending/receiving text messages. Just a whole different world that I remember vividly. 

So congrats to Katrina Maria. You apparently did it.