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Drake Just Hacked Sportscenter To Announce His New Album Is Dropping September 3rd


God damn what a legend he is. The man who has more slaps than the Beatles. The man who bodybagged Kanye West by simply laughing in his weird, dumb, mentally unstable face. Somehow Drake’s album is gonna come out before Kanye’s. Unreal. Chalk up another W for team Drake. The guy just gets it. What an incredible way to silently let the world know that you’re album is coming out. 

”Certified Lover Boy” is gonna be the album of the fall. No matter what Kanye does now Drake has the fall in a headlock. White girls are gonna drink so many god damn pumpkin spiced lattes while listening to Drake‘s album on repeat. I’m so excited for this album. I’m a Drake stan and I don‘t care who knows it. Call him soft, call him whatever you want but the man has been at the top of the rap/music game for literally 13 years. That’s unheard of. They say making music is a young person‘s game but in his mid 30’s Drake is putting out smash hit after smash hit. September 3rd baby lets fucking go.