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Jameis Winston Just Ate His First W Of The Season By Being Named QB1 Of The Saints

No offense to all the fantasy football players who kept Taysom Hill as their tight end for this season, but Jameis Winston being the starting quarterback for one of the 32 NFL teams is awesome news for football fans. Everything Jameis does is must watch. His touchdowns, his interceptions, even his pregame workouts.

It doesn't matter if it's good, bad, or just old fashioned weird. Jameis is pure electricity. 

Him being back in our lives now with 20/20 vision and an all-time great offensive coach is going to be so much fun for a million different reasons, including hearing this kind of stuff every Monday morning.

Mintzy's gonna do a full recap of the news from a Saints fan's perspective since he'll be blogging for the Who Dats dis year. I can't wait to see what the ups and downs of a Jameis season does to a super passionate guy like Bayou Ben, but I imagine this picture is a fair metaphor for what it's like having Jameis as your team's QB1.