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JR Smith Live Tweeting His Freshman Year Of College Is Equal Parts Funny And Endearing



JR Smith, the legend, has enrolled in college at North Carolina A&T. He's not there to just join the golf team, he's excited about learning and he's live tweeting the entire thing. It takes you back to your first year in college- writing papers, hitting deadlines, figuring out how to study. And JR Smith has quickly become a must-follow, because it's funny, endearing, and down right wonderful.


First off, he's super stoked that he's on the golf team.



But he's equally excited to get into the classroom. 



We all remember the pain of having to write a 10 page paper and being out of gas by page 5.




He's also dealing with classic freshman problems 




He does have a little better of a situation than most of us when it comes to the dorm experience though





And most of all, shout out Mrs Burke!!!



This should be fun to follow. Rooting for JR to find himself and learn a bunch.