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This TikToker That Does Drive-Bys And Unleashes Hawks On Unsuspecting Birds Is A Real Life Supervillain

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BAH GAWD, humans and hawks have just teamed up atop the food chain to become the most unstoppable force since the Corporate Ministry unleashed chaos in the WWE once upon a time! We knew that this pandemic would cause a lot of wild changes in the world with everyone sitting inside their homes with way too much time on their hands. But I didn't know we would get a legitimate supervillain out of this shit. And make no mistake about it, that is supervillain behavior.

As a big time bird lover, that actually may be the most twisted Tik Tok I've ever seen and that's coming from someone that has seen KenJac's TikTok threads on Twitter. Innocent birds punching the clock to early to get the worm only to get a drive-by predator thrown into their jugular. Nature is metal enough without having two titans of the animal kingdom uniting and using a technological marvel like the automobile to rack up easy kills. 

However despite my outrage of what this does to my little feathered friends, I am also a bird of prey lover that can watch a hawk circle its target for hours before striking down its lunch. You may not love how the mission was completed but goddamn is it beautiful to watch a killing machine go about its business like that. The only problem is what happens when this guy wants to upgrade his targets from unsuspecting crows to nature's deadliest game: Man.

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I'm sure there is already a supervillain that does this with a hawk in the MCU and/or the DCU. Shit, my guy Bran The Broken (Spoiler) King Of Westeros could warg into a hawk and peck anybody's eyes out he pleased. He didn't because he could see the future and knew the easiest path to the throne was doing exactly what he did. But seeing this all go down in real life is unsettling to say the least.