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Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew Is Real And I Bet It's Spectacular

Has a group of people associated with a part of a house ever have had a better run than the winning streak people commonly lumped in with American basements are having? Comic book movies are now the hottest blockbusters in Hollywood, playing video games professionally can make you a millionaire, and the flavor of the entire basement experience is being bottled up and sold for millions to consume. 

Now before the naysayers try to say this concoction is going to be some synonym of putrid let remind you that the people in charge of making this drink are not a group of 6-year-old kids that can reach the handle of their parents' refrigerator and pantry. It is the flavor scientists of PepsiCo + Frito Lay superteam that created tasty things you may have heard of like the cool ranch of Cool Ranch Doritos, the beautiful tart notes of Cherry Pepsi, as well as yanno, Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Sweet and spicy plays just like sweet and salty plays, which is to say awesomely and there is still not an object on God's green Earth that doesn't taste great when you sprinkle some Flamin' Hot on it. So there is no reason this should be any different regardless of if it's in solid, liquid, or even gaseous form. Now that I think about it, Flamin' Hot vapes are a potential HUGE market for my pals at 3Chi (promo code PODS for 5% off your order). 

Shit, I got lost in the sauce for a second. Anyway, get Frank The Tank a case of this Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew on the double because I need to hear the official review of Barstool's soda connoisseur.

h/t Benny Mac