Hate Is Real: Kansas State's Student Government Passed Some Official Commendation To USC Because They Beat Kansas

Is this lame? Absolutely. But you know what? This. This right here is why I love college basketball. You only get this with college sports. Yeah, there are rivalries in pro sports and all that but it's completely different. You don't have a student government passing some fake law thing where they all have to say Go Trojans just because USC beat the everliving shit out of Kansas in the NCAA Tournament. 

85-51 might even seem closer than what it was. The game was over FAST. Now, I know it's lame because Kansas State, well, stinks at basketball and Kansas is one of the 5 best programs in the sport. But you take any victory you can get even if it's saying well we each won 0 championships last season. It's honestly hilarious that a bunch of student government people at Kansas State, sitting there in suits and trying to be serious, had to drop a Go Trojans because of this. The only thing better than seeing your team win is seeing your most hated rival getting stomped. That's what you do the moment your team is out of it. It's all you have left to do. You start pleading with anyone and everyone to just not let them win. 

This is what I mean when I always say I want hate in rivalries. I want a school to be so desperate they are passing fake rules on campus. I don't want teams or fans to be afraid to say they hate other programs. It's part of what makes college sports awesome. I don't care if it's lame, it's at least something.