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Miguel Sano Hit A Kid In The Head During Batting Practice, Promised He'd Get A Hit For Him, Then He Crushed A 495-Foot Homer

Talk about coming through on your promises, Miguel Sano went above and beyond here. While taking batting practice Miguel Sano a homer to right field and ended up hitting a kid in the head. Always scary when something like that happens but it turned out the kid was okay. Sano made sure he was good and it just so happened that the child's family had seats near the Red Sox dugout. Sano saw him before his at-bat and came over to check on him and promised he'd get him a hit. He also had a signed bat sent over to the kid while he iced his head, a nice gesture for sure. Not Sano's fault he hit him but it was cool that he was looking out for the kid. So after Sano promises a hit to the young one, he steps up and does this...

495. Four hundred and ninety five feet out of the ballpark. Over the Fanatics sign on the Monster, the longest home run measured by Statcast at Fenway and the longest homer this year. Pissed on it. The immediate "oooh" by the broadcasters let you know this thing was strapped to a rocket and sent to the moon. After he touches home he pounds his chest and points to the kid, a pretty sick moment for both of them. The longest home run by anyone this season after telling the kid you'd get a knock for him, basically Babe Ruth calling his shot. Kind of similar to what Jo Adell did last night too, love seeing stuff like this. Most importantly it's good the kid is okay, a Sano home run ball to the dome can't feel good. Safe to say Sano has a fan for life in Boston.