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Nobody Is Having A Better Time At College Than JR Smith And We All Should Be Thankful He's Live Tweeting It

Let me preface this all by saying JR Smith going back to college is awesome. Good for him on wanting to go back and get his diploma and go through the college process, something he didn't do going straight from high school to the NBA. We already saw him get cleared to play for the North Carolina A&T golf team. 

But he's going through the full college experience. By that I mean he realizes he has to do work and deadlines and papers are kicking his ass currently. 

I said it before but that's all of our nightmares coming back. We've all been there with a deadline approaching and you look and you have 4 words on the computer. You need to string something together in a couple of hours and just hope that it's good enough for like a B. But like we all know, there's more to college than classes. 

Imagine you're some 19-year old kid at North Carolina A&T going to play your first intramural game. You get the light stretching in, not really paying attention and walk out to start the game. Everyone starts matching up and you look over and there's JR Smith. Yeah, he's going to get 50 a game there. I actually hope there are cameras for JR Smith playing intramural sports. I also want to know who picks him up. That's the smartest person on campus. If I'm on the golf team I'm trying to start a team. Pitch building up team chemistry for the golf season and then just start feeding him the ball. 

At the same time I do wish JR Smith had a legit meal plan and had to live on campus. 

Go all in on college life, JR. Sleep on a twin size bed with a roommate you have no idea about. Try to ration those meal swipes correctly so you can get some lukewarm pizza and chicken. He's already fooling people that he's there, might as well live with someone. 

Long live Earl man. The dude is having great time at college and more importantly he gets what's important for us. Content.