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Turns Out It’s Raining In Chicago.

A lot of people are asking about Ian Happ’s game tying home run and if it’s actually from last year when fans weren’t allowed. Well turns out it’s actually from tonight. The fans are at the game, but it’s been raining a lot. Experts warned of a flash flood which might be the fakest warning you can get in Chicago. No disrespect to your basement flooding I’m just saying Flash Floods don’t do it for me on the weather scale. Even so there’s a warning in effect which means it’s pissing outside which means people are under the grandstand. Looks kinda funny to be honest.

It’s also the backend of a meaningless double header during one of our worst months in the modern era. Not a lot of people in the first place but who gives a fuck. We’re playing Colorado hard. Let me have my moment while everyone gets some shelter. Hopefully that clears it up why Wrigley looks like ground zero.

Alexa play something sad.

Too sad.

Much better