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Let The Boys Be Boys: ESPN Cameras Caught a Few Little League Kids Staring At Some Boobs With a 10/10 Reaction

Priceless moment in Williamsport tonight and it has nothing to do with that maniac Gavin Weir who no hits every team he faces. No instead think back to what it was like to be 12 years old. The most important thing in your life was little league baseball, especially if you're playing in Williamsport. You didn't have to worry about money, job, taxes, relationships, medical insurance, voting, nothing. Little league was paramount in terms of priorities and that my friends was the beauty of being a 12 year old in the United States of America. 

That is until your buddy gets access to the internet and shows you a nice pair of boobs.

That's what happened to my man in the outfield tonight and boy did his life change forever. 

What an amazing, genuine 10/10 reaction. Absolutely nothing wrong with that either, that's just some good ol' fashioned family fun. Nothing puts asses in the seats like some boobs. Welcome. Boobs just flew straight to the top of this kid's power rankings of things in life and I don't blame him one bit. What a life. 

Boobs play anywhere and everywhere. Let the boys be boys.