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The South Dakota Little League Manager Delivered The Best Mound Visit Speech I Have Heard In Years

#Somethings are bigger than sports but some sports things are bigger than even that. What a speech. What a coach. What a goddamn life moment. I know everyone is going to say they would run through a brick wall but let's be honest, my top speed is too low and my BMI is too high to actually make a dent in a pile of cement no matter how hard I ran. But I would be willing to get off my fat ass and build a brick wall for someone who could actually run through it, which includes probably every kid huddled on that mound. I guess having the Ace of the tournament that can actually shove the living hell out of the ball will inspire a man to deliver a speech like that.

Everyone gets pissed off at the over the top grabassing that takes place in the Little League World Series every time a player goes over to congratulate his opponent for hitting a moonshot off of him. But this video is a reminder that these kids and their coaches actually want to do everything in their power to shove it past the other team. Let's fucking go South Dakota and if this manager is looking for something to do after Sunday, my beloved Mets could use a shot in the arm and a kick in the ass right now.