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Halo Infinite Will Be Dropping On December 8th with Campaign and FREE TO PLAY Multiplayer

The launch date is officially here! December 8th - CLEAR MY SCHEDULE! Should we hit a 24 hour stream to celebrate the game's drop?


Halo Infinite will be dropping on 12/8 will Campaign mode and a free to play multiplayer! Free to play multiplayer is a massive W for all gamers - as long as you have an Xbox or PC, there are virtually no other barriers to play the game! This is a massive step for gaming because I was worried the multiplayer would be wrapped together with the campaign.

 I'm sure through the campaign you'll unlock exclusive skins/armor to flex online. I'm a slut for Halo Campaigns, so we'll be purchasing the full game.

The game will only be dropping on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and on PC. This was expected, but it's complete pain for Playstation users at this time. If you're a PS user, your best bet is to download Splitgate. It's the closest thing you'll get.

We'll be gaming on the PC. If you wanna read more about Halo Infinite, see some gameplay and more, checkout my blogs below.